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Coach JT

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Founder & CEO

Coach JT is the founder of EVOLVE with JT and is a Health/Wellness Entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of experience in personal development/Nutrition/Fitness. As an establish, outspoken Fitness & Nutrition expert, JT’s reputation as a coach that leads by example, coupled with his straightforward, results-driven approach to working with clients has inspired and encouraged thousands to achieve permanent changes in their mental and physical health over the last 2 decades.

Coach JT has created his own model of personal development coaching, that focuses on Mindset Coaching, Nutritional education and Physical training as a single unified system. You’ll feel and see his passion and dedication the very first time you meet him. “Coach JT’s expectations are very high…but he lives and breathes what he preaches and it shows…not only in himself, but directly through everyone he touches. Commit and don’t look back”


Coach JT/Evolve with JT was named “Best Weight Loss Program” for the 6th in a row by the News Herald & became 3rd consecutive year recipient of the Panama City Living Magazine’s reader’s choice awards.​   In addition to Personal and Private coaching, JT is an author, a public speaker, podcaster, Social Media Influencer, and online course creator. 

Coach JT is the founder and operator of the EVOLVE wellness initiative that provides and manages a corporate wellness program to over 700 employees in the county he lives in. Starting in 2018 after hurricane Michael, Coach became more committed than ever to his community. Now with the EVOLVE wellness initiative, he works closely with local government and all county commissioned employees. Including Fire/EMS first responders, elected commissioner/officials, animal control officers/employees, and all of the amazing blue collar workers to create ground floor impact on the community.

​Coach JT is extremely passionate and fully committed to mindset coaching, preventative health and wellness but also has vast experience with disease management, hormone imbalance and physical rehabilitation. Throughout his career, JT has worked and consulted with Doctors, Chiropractors, Dieticians, Olympic and Professional Athletes, NBC’s the Biggest Loser contestants, LEO/Fire/Military and much more. JT has had decades of success in reducing the symptoms of many health conditions through nutritional guidance and natural supplementation including Type 2 diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disorder, Hormone Irregularities, Pancreatic Disease, Digestive and Gastrointestinal Disorders and even Cancer.


Change, whether it’s mindset, your body, your nutrition or your financial success requires much more than just the desire to be different. It takes discipline and a very specific, very intentional plan to overcome old habits, limiting beliefs and years of eating poorly/neglecting yourself both mentally and physically. There are no shortcuts, but a good coach can guide you and teach you how to change and achieve with precision; building a bridge that eliminates years of frustration and guesswork. 

Who am I?

Coach JT

The 1% LIFE Coach.


I transform men and women over 40 living normal, unhealthy, fat, medicated, stressful lives in the 99% to the 1%


I make them the envy of others.. leaner, stronger, healthier and happier than they were in the 20’s.


I do this by using my own proprietary nutrition and exercise blueprint, learned discipline, accountability and bio hacking (including my own 4 pillars)


I also take advantage of VERY distinct advantage people over 40 have


I’ve been coaching for 3 decades and have worked with +/- 20k clients 1 on 1. From doctors, dietitians and trainers to Olympic athletes, NBC biggest loser contestants and bodybuilders, from morbidly obese and diseased to underweight and malnourished. 


AND I’ve seen both sides myself. I’ve been 120lbs and sick and 275lbs fat and unhealthy


NOW at 50 I’m in the best shape of my life.

I’m healthier, happier, leaner, stronger, more fit AND more successful than I’ve ever been


And I did it from 41-50 years old. 


My success rate is so high because I AM the example and I care more about results than I do feelings.

People are tired of the magic potions, quick fixes and BS, they want REAL, experienced-based, long-term results.


I know, have experienced and I live what others only pretend to.

I am the proof along with thousands of clients


Now at 50 years old, people ½ my age can compete


It’s time to put an end to fit shaming, misinformation, pushing meds, quick fixes and fat glorifying

as well as normalizing being sick, fat, weak and medicated


And to all the ignorant “professionals” who perpetuate the cycle of horrible advice


Get to the back of the line… and start taking notes


To everyone else..stop living like the 99%...and join the 1% Life





Doctors/FDA/Dietitians/Trainers and other health professionals that give bad, uneducated nutrition and health advice and push meds to hide symptoms.


Hypocritical health professionals – doctors, trainers, dietitians, nutritionist who don’t practice what they preach because they’re weak minded and lack education to do so.


And to the all-to-common culture of Fit shaming and Fat glorifying. It’s time to start pushing back

-Coach JT

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