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28 Day Keto Kickstart™ - Men

28 Day Keto Kickstart™ - Men

The 28-Day Keto Kickstart™ is designed with the beginner in mind that doesn’t require counting macros or going to the gym! 


Learn how to do keto right and get into ketosis as quickly (and painlessly) as possible. Intended for BEGINNERS.  Look at this program as a strict 28 Day Kickstart towards a long-term change. This is a GREAT starting point before moving on to our other online programs, Genesis Sculpt - Heal - Thrive™ or even Alchemy Extreme Fat Loss and Recomposition®.


The intent of this program is to kickstart your keto journey, help you start losing body fat as fast as possible and teach your body how to use its own fat (and fats you consume) for fuel. 


The 28 Day Keto Kickstart™ Includes:

QuickStart Guide

Supplement & Supply List

How to Overcome Keto Flu

Nutrition Guidelines 

Sample Meal Plan w/ adjustment Recommendations

Food List / Grocery List

Testing Ketones 

Cardio & Strength Recommendations

5 Day at Home Body Weight workout


Bonuses: Coach Top Success Tips & Supercharge Workout Bundle


If you have questions about which online program is right you may book your one time FREE 15 Minute Consult with Coach JT. 

  • Program Access

    The 28 Day Keto Kickstart™ is a interactive digital download.  Upon purchase, you will recieve a "Welcome to the 28 Day Keto Kickstart™" email containing: 

    1. A PDF of the program
    2. A link to the audio walkthrough 
    3. FREE Bonus - Supercharge Workout Bundle
  • Terms of Use

    By Clicking the "Buy Now" Button and completing this purchase you agree to the 28 Day Keto Kickstart Terms of Use

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