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Genesis Sculpt - Heal - Thrive™ + Meal Calculator

Genesis Sculpt - Heal - Thrive™ + Meal Calculator

Genesis is the ideal starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to eat right and exercise for fat loss and long-term health.


From caloric intake, workout and nutritional recommendations to ideal food lists and workouts designed for beginners through intermediate, Genesis includes everything you need nothing you don’t, keeping things concise, but effective. If you’re someone who’s just beginning your journey or starting back up and wanting to lay a simple, effective foundation of nutrition and exercise that will last a lifetime, Genesis is for you.


"Coach JT cuts though all the BS and confusing info and gives you clear, concise, easy to understand instructions that provide immediate and long-term foundational results to fat loss and improved health"


Ideal For Anyone:

  • Who may have health/medical limitations but cleared to exercise
  • Ready to lose weight (anywhere from 10-200+lbs)
  • Ready to build healthy life-long foundational habits
  • Ready change, be consistent & stop yo-yo dieting
  • Ready to abandon bad habits, poor nutrition, & a sedentary lifestyle
  • Willing to start working out on a regular basis (from home or a gym)
  • Desire to learn how to eat a keto correctly, effectively and sustainably
  • Goal of improved mood, energy & optimized health & longevity
  • Seeking a plan that is more flexible while still develop consistency
  • Willing to dedicate a 15-30+ min daily to exercise


What is Genesis?

  • Ideal starting point for a beginner
  • Open ended time-frame
  • Learn habits for life at your own pace
  • Custom macros, meal frequency, food list
  • Nutrition focused on weight loss, longevity and long-term health
  • Sustainable low carb nutrition and fundamental exercise education for life
  • Digital download (fully interactive 50-page PDF) w/ audio guide walkthrough
  • Home & Gym Based Beginner-Intermediate Exercise Programs
  • Guided Illustrations of all exercises (50-page PDF)
  • Simple, straightforward program design
  • Bonuses including meal prep pro-tips & combos and immunity cocktail


To learn more book a free 15-minute call with Coach JT Click Here.


By purchasing this program (or product), I agree to these Terms of Use.

  • Program Access

    Genesis is a interactive digital download.  Upon purchase, you will recieve a "Welcome to Genesis" email containing: 

    1.  Bonus (limited time only) a link to book onboarding call with Coach JT
    2. A link to complete the Custom Macro Questionnaire.
    3. A PDF of the program
    4. A link to the 70 minute audio walkthrough 
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