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Genesis Meal Calculator & Video Demo

Genesis Meal Calculator & Video Demo

Imagine being able to calculate your macros with just a couple of clicks! The Genesis Meal Calculator does ALL THE WORK! Just input your provided custom calorie and macro recommendations to start, then select your foods from the provided drop down list and pick your portions! THAT’S IT! All the calculations happen automagically!! You’ll get a “COACH APPROVED” or “TRY AGAIN” if you need to adjust your portions. You can even save each new meal as a recipe card!  


Note: The Genesis Meal Calculator is an excel spreadsheet that works best on a desktop computer.  You will need excel to use it.


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  • Program Access

    The Genesis Calcualtor is a interactive digital download built in an excel spreadsheet.  Upon purchase, you will recieve a "Genesis Meal Calcualtor" email (check your spam if you don't se it within 5 minutes).

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