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Do We Need Carbs?

Do we NEED carbs? Let’s take a closer look…

PROTEIN: -Needed for thousands of biological processes -Body’s building blocks -Every cell contains it -No cell regeneration without it. -No Muscle mass without it -Most hormones & enzymes are made from protein -No life without it

FAT: -Necessary for thousands of biological processes. -Body's building blocks. -Fats contain essential fatty acids, that your body can’t make itself. -Necessary to Absorb vitamins like A, D, E. -Cell membranes and walls are made from fat -Hair, skin, nails etc -No life without it

CARBS: -NO cellular level purpose -Body prefers ketones for energy -Body wants 1TSP sugar & will make it on it’s own. -Carbs ARE NOT essential nutrients. -Cause so many health problems

Stop avoid protein and fat Ditch the carbs and sugar

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